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Specializing in Vein Therapy, Open and Endovascular Surgery

A main artery on the road to better health.

Here at Milford Vascular Institute, we pride ourselves on bringing a friendly, multidisciplinary approach to your cardiovascular well-being.

With our decades of combined experience, we pride ourselves in being able to get to the heart of our patients’ individual needs. From the first consultation to the follow up examination, our Connecticut-based cardiovascular experts are with you – every step of the way.

About us.

Conveniently located between Bridgeport, CT and New Haven, CT, Milford Vascular Institute provides multidisciplinary care for all aspects of vascular disease. By taking advantage of the different areas of expertise and skill sets of both an interventional radiologist and vascular surgeon, Connecticut Varicose Vein Center offers comprehensive, state-of-the-art therapies to all types of patients.

The initial consultation, diagnostic tests, and definitive treatments are all coordinated and performed through one office, and we believe that this streamlined approach offers patients the most efficient and thorough care with a much higher likelihood of successful outcome.

The on-site vascular laboratory provides immediate diagnostic input and allows for close, long-term surveillance. The physicians are trained and skilled in vascular diagnostics and imaging and all the latest vascular therapeutic techniques, ranging from minimally invasive office procedures to complex endovascular and open surgical repairs.

Our vascular surgeons are easily accessible and provide continuing support throughout the entire healing process. This model of patient care provides a level of service that is unmatched by any medical centers in southern Connecticut.